Friday, September 14, 2012

Struggling Strong

Why is this battle so hard for me?  Why was I given this trial to go through?  Not that I would wish any other trial on me, I know there are so many that suffer so much more than me and my weight issues but man, when you work so hard you just want something to change.

I need to quit cheating myself and put my whole heart and head into this 8 week challenge. 
Today I had the opportunity to have some much needed quality time with my oldest son. He really wanted to make cookies so I decided today will be my free day instead of tomorrow and took the time to make cookies and enjoy them with him. I have such a migraine now and a sick stomach. If this is what it's like to go back on sugar, I doubt I ever go back!
 I thought this challenge wouldn't be too hard.  I thought I ate relatively healthy.  Little did I know there is sugar in EVERYTHING you eat.  It's labeled healthy and it's not.  It may have less sugar but still so crappy for you.  I need to get out and do some real grocery shopping for this challenge so I can get on the good band wagon and kick things into gear!

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