Sunday, September 2, 2012

Motivation and Desire

Hi, I am Callie, and I am TIRED of being FAT.  I have worked my BUTT off this summer and lost nothing.  It is SO FRUSTRATING to hit a plateau for an entire summer.  I guess that isn't entirely true.  I hit a plateau from May to the end of July and then I gave up in August. 

It is now September and I am ready to jump on the band wagon again.  A friend of mine introduced me to an 8 week challenge.  The challenge involves no sugar and no white flour for 8 weeks.  No fast food, drink lots of water, and get the sleep needed.  It also includes writing in a journal daily.  I have a personal journal but right now I can't find it so here I am, starting this blog.

My biggest motivation for this challenge is getting over this plateau.  I will also be joining a gym membership, possibly a boot camp class, and I hope to Heaven and High earth I hope to lose this weight for good.

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