Sunday, September 28, 2014

It's been a while . . . and excerpts from the General Women's Meeting

It's been a while since I posted.  After completing T25 I struggled to find a routine this summer.  I still lost weight and I even got all the way down to 189!  I was so excited.  Of course that was the day before leaving for a 2 week vacation to Disneyworld and Florida so needless to say a few of the pounds have come back.  I am recommitting again and starting tomorrow on the 21 day fix meal plan.  I am excited to get back into a routine again and let these last 50 lbs disappear for good!

Last night I had the opportunity of attending  the General Women's Meeting for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Oh my heart is so full from the feelings and teachings taught there.  In my religion, we believe that we have prophets on earth today that teach us and guide us. The General Women's meeting is a meeting of all women in the church ages 8 to 108!  To gather all those sisters together across the globe, AMAZING! To feel the Spirit of all those women gathered together, even more amazing!

I started yesterday off horrible.  Cris and I were super grouchy with each other all day.  There were words said and feelings hurt.  I was so close to not even going to the meeting but I am so glad that I did!

As I entered the doors of the stake center I was so close to tears.  I pleaded in my heart for answers and peace.  I found irony in the title of the opening song "On This Day of Joy and Gladness" because my day was anything but.  Shortly after there was a presentation of these sweet little girls from Korea singing I Love To See The Temple.

As I was sitting there I felt as if arms were surrounding me and a scripture came to my mind -

John 14:18 will not leave you comfortlesswill come to you

To say tears came is an understatement! I felt the joy start to build and the pride and stubborness in my heart start to fall. I also gained a stronger desire to attend the temple more often.

There were many other promptings felt and I hope that I follow through with each of them.  One of the most profound thoughts I had as I was sitting there, all alone (or so I thought as I had no one sitting on either side of me) was this - Sometimes God lets us have bad days so that we are brought down, are more humble, or have a more open and pleading heart to feel of His love and guidance.  If I hadn't have had such a bad day today, would I have had the pleading heart to feel his love and receive his guidance with an open heart?

I hope that as I go through this week I can keep the feelings I felt in my heart and work on the things I felt prompted to work on.  I am grateful for a bad day so that I could have an open heart.  I am grateful for the Prophet and for the Apostles.  I am so grateful for the guidance we can receive this day.  I am grateful for the restored gospel.  I am grateful for our Savior and for his atonement.  I know that he felt my bad day, he felt my sorrow and frustrations.  He is with me always.  I know that at times I need to be less stubborn and let my heart be more open.  I am looking forward to General Conference this coming weekend to hear the words of the Prophet.