Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Time for Everything

Well, There's a first time for everything!

Today for breakfast I decided to start doing smoothies on a regular basis.
I bought doTerra Slim and Sassy Trim shakes and they actually don't taste too bad!

I added strawberries, peaches, bananas, spinach, orange juice and milk.
By using the OJ and milk I added calories to the smoothie but for me I think that will be good.  
It's still under 300 calories for breakfast!  I might make one for lunch too and have just a half of sandwich.

I am starting to feel better I think.  I feel like I have more energy.  I actually have no desire 
to sit at the computer all day and do NOTHING! 
(Although, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with eliminating sugars and white flour
or the fact that someone called me out on being neglectful to my kids
for spending too much time on the internet!)

Today I weighed myself and I am down 2.5lbs from Friday!

I am finally willing and dedicated to this challenge.  I've been following it to a "T"
but my heart hasn't been in it!

Here's to hoping the weight continues to come off!

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