Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How much . . .

"How much weight have you lost?"

That is a question I get asked almost daily, or quite often.  

It is very frustrating to say "I really haven't lost anything".  They always come back with "well, you look great, it must be turning into muscle".  

I know it is!  I can finally see it.  I see a line in my biceps.  I see a line in my stomach.  The fat on my lower abs isn't as THICK (growse, I know). 

But to answer the real question - "how much weight have you lost?"

I really DON'T KNOW!

I started this journey for REAL after having my last son (Carsyn).  He is going to be 2 in May so I guess this is a 2 year journey thus far.  I wish I could be one of those that have lost it all in 1 year and then kept it off, but life gets in the way.

My highest weight while pregnant with Carsyn was 238. I am not entirely sure that is the final number.  I believe that was at 35 weeks or so.  I stopped looking eventually.  After having Carsyn I had to have my gall bladder removed.  After I was all healed from that I really started paying attention and keeping track I remember weighing in at 228. 

I started a boot camp class in Logan at 221 and lost 12 lbs in SIX WEEKS.  It felt GREAT!  I loved the class and honestly if it weren't for that class, I would have never thought I could do what I do now at the gym.  

Shortly after the session started my husband got a job in Provo (2 hours away).  He had to leave during the week and was only home for a day and a half before going back.  It was the hardest 3 months of my life.  We put our house up on the market and were stressed beyond belief.  I was able to maintain the 12 lbs I had lost with another round of bootcamp, but that was it.  I should be more proud of the fact that I maintained through all the stress but I was pretty bummed.

After we moved I got back up to 221.  I was frustrated with myself!  I found some running partners and they got me going.  This was in March and by August I was down to 208, which is where I am now.  

I truly haven't lost weight since August. Oh how frustrating it can be.  I've wanted to give up several times but there are so many wonderful people that have pulled me through the rough times, encouraged me to keep going, etc.  
I have fallen in LOVE with kickboxing and pump classes.  When I miss them I beat myself up all day wishing I had gone. There has been a change in me since August and it's a change that really needed to come.

 My new shirt!  Not quite ready to break out the tanks.  Almost a tank top, but not quite!  And a bright color to keep everyone awake!

 Mid-workout!  Today kicked my trash.  According to my handy dandy heart rate monitor, I burned 850 calories with kickboxing and 15 minutes on incline of 7 on the dreadmill!

 These bags are my BEST friend on Tuesday and Thrusdays!

Stay tuned for what that change is!

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  1. Ok, so I totally LOVE your shirt! I need to get some cute workout clothes, or maybe just some that aren't old t-shirts.