Sunday, May 4, 2014

Weekends are HARD ~

I have a love - hate relationship with the weekend!  During the week I am SO strong!  I am home all day, everyday, and rarely have a chance to flub up, unless there is something emotional going and and then I will find a way, any way, to flub up! Weekends are another story!

Weekends are SO hard for me!  At least the weekends like this weekend! Saturday we spent from 9 AM until 6 PM out and about running errands, having fun, and spending $$$! 

 We went to Trafalga in Orem and had some fun playing mini golf as a family.  We indulged in a pizza for the family and some dippin dots.  That is something we NEVER do.  I try to think it's the memories that count!  I hold that to my heart because spending time with my children and making memories really does matter to me and I know they love those times when we get out and do something different.

Today was another difficult day.  We blessed my dear Caydee and while it is a beautiful thing to have family around for the celebration of a baby, it is also very difficult. You know how the family bbq's go! 

There was shredded bbq chicken, cookies, cake, chips, pop, juice, etc.   Lucky for me I was nursing Caydee during the time everyone was dishing up so by the time I got to the desserts, there wasn't much left!  But, for breakfast, as we were driving to church I realized I hadn't eaten breakfast and I was starting to feel sick and weak and mentioned to my mom and she had a butterfinger in her car so that was it! 

It seems like there is always a weekend like this that comes up, nearly every weekend!  Next weekend is Mother's day, Susan G. Komen Race day, and Cris's birthday.  The next weekend is a farewell party, Carsyn's birthday, and the next I think is memorial.  I need help!  Weekends suck the life out of me!  My goals for this week is to better plan for this next weekend so I can make the best choices I can for the weekend we have.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Weight: 208 (no change :( )
Waist: 43 (no change)
Hips - 50 (down 1/2 inch)
Legs and Arm - I forgot to measure

How is it that the week I work the HARDEST (I burned on average 800 calories a day) I don't lose anything.  On top of weekends being hard, losing weight is REALLY hard!  I need to figure this out.  I cannot gain more weight and I NEED to be healthy and fit for my family!

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