Wednesday, May 14, 2014

~ Hiding ~

Today I had a little bit of an ah ha moment!  

I have a little vulture in my home.  Well, really I have 3 but the biggest vulture is Carsyn.  He is turning 3 this weekend!  I love him to death!  (what does that mean?), I should say I love him to eternity because ah, he is the CUTEST little turd!  He could get away with murder!

Today, he tried to throw his cereal bowl in the sink.  It spilled out and down the counter.  Shredded mini wheats and left over milk all over the counter, cupboards, and floors.  When I found the mess, I said "ugh, who made this mess" and he replies emphatically, "me of course".  If only you could have heard it!  I just started laughing.  There is no getting mad at that boy with how honest and kind hearted he is!  He is always getting into things but his face after being caught just kills you!  

Anyway ~ back on topic!

Today as I was eating my 21-day fix breakfast -
4 pieces turkey bacon
2 eggs scrambled
1 yellow container oatmeal
1/2 purple frozen berries in oatmeal
1/2 purple frozen berries in smoothie
1/2 purple for a little banana in smoothie 
(smoothie made with water, wild orange Essential Oil, vanilla, and fruit)

I had this said little vulture at my side.  He was eating my bacon, my eggs, my smoothie and at first I was getting a little frustrated!  I had measured it all out for the plan.  I didn't want to be messed up!  I then realized it was ok.  What I was eating was healthy.  I didn't have to hide in my room as I was eating something I didn't want the kids to know about.   I wasn't scarfing down hidden oreos or m&m's I usually have hidden in the drawer below my computer.  I was eating good things for me and for him and if he has a little here and there that's fine and GREAT because he isn't eating crap and I am not hiding from him!  It is ok that my containers will be off a little here and there.  I can't measure how much he really ate but it doesn't matter!

I hope that this will instill better eating habits in them as well as me.  My kids are already pretty well rounded when it comes to food.  They eat veggies, fruits, anything really, without any real problem.  I lucked out in that department (unless I ask them to consume fish, then it's the end of the world)!

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