Thursday, February 28, 2013

Heart Rate Monitor

I am trying to lose weight the right way. 

I would say trying my hardest, but I've had a bad weekend through Monday and it DEFINITELY was not trying my hardest!

I've been tracking my food, watching what I eat, changing routines, and working out nearly EVERY DAY for at least 60 minutes with little to no results. There must be some results I don't see because everyone tells me how great I look, and I feel great too!  Some days I feel as if they are saying I look great though because they know how hard I am trying and want to give encouragement, not because it's really true (but that's a post for another day!)

So, with nothing changing and no measurable results being found I decided to invest in a heart rate monitor.  I know that 98% of losing weight is the food you put into your body, but I was worried I wasn't getting my heart rate up for a long enough time period. I bought the Polar FT4.
I've only had it for one day and today was my first time using it.  So far I like it!

I used it in my kickboxing class this morning.  This class OBLITERATED me today! I LOVE it!

Anyway, back to the heart  rate monitor - Today my heart rate monitor said my average HR was 168, my maximum was 184, and the time in target heart rate zone was only 10 minutes. My target HR zone is 125-165.  So, I am putting this out there - what does this mean?  Is it bad that my HR is always above my zone?  Does it mean I am working harder but burning less calories?  I am so confused!  

On a good note, my resting heart rate this morning was 56 which is PRETTY awesome!

Here's to learning more about being healthy and doing it the right way!

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